Client Diaries

Some say that you have to do monumental great earth-moving things to earn a legacy. Others believe that it has to do with the physical things like land and money that you leave to those when you pass away. But for me a legacy is more personal than this. For me, it is more about those loved ones who are the closest to you who will really be the ones to remember you as time goes on. It not only includes the actual monetary assets that are passed down, though I'm sure they will appreciate this, but also the memories, morals, life lessons, and goodwill you have shared with them as well. Every day is an opportunity to build this legacy. Every day is a chance to do better, share more, love more, and be more. And when you go, as we all will one day, your loved ones can remember you with a warm smile and a kind thought for what you taught them and shared with them while you were here. And maybe they will pass on those same uplifting qualities as time goes on.
Sabrina Sikora
Model, Blogger, Photographer
The First Wife Studios / Ms.Yin Ms.Yang