Before contacting us, here is some questions that may answer your inquiry

Q : Where should i leave personalization details ?
A : All details should be e-mailed at
Q : How long does it take to order a clutch ?
A : We take 2-4 weeks for production and delivery.
Q : I'm in a hurry - how can i speed up the order process ?
A : E-mail us at with the subject 'Urgent Order' and expected delivery date. You can save time by using DHL Express(2 - 3 days) - although this will cost more
Q : Do you ship worldwide ?
A : Yes we do! We ship worldwide via DHL Express taking 3 - 5 working days.
Q : Do you offer wholesale order ?
A : Wholesale orders please contact us directly at
Q : What payment methods do you accept ?
A : We accept PayPal, Western Union & Local or International Bank Transfers.
Q : How do i use discount code ?
A : Discount Codes must be mentioned in your initial order placement. We cannot adjust any prices after the order has been submitted.
NOTE: Only one code be used on a purchase. Coupon codes cannot be applied to previous purchases , nor can they be retroactively applied after an order has been placed
Q : How much will shipping cost ?
A : Mention the delivery address at the time of order placement and a quote will be given.